Limited Edition hardback HOT WAR now available

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The hardback limited edition of Hot War is now available to buy exclusively from our shop for the price of £22. This limited edition pack includes the following: One clothbound hardback copy of Hot War with black stamping on the front and spine, plus a full colour soft-laminated slip case. The book also comes with two regular and two oversized colour art cards.

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It's all collectable and stuff.

Tim Gray
Silver Branch Games

I think for presentation...

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...that this is as good as anything coming out of the "mainstream".


Thanks guys, I'm hoping

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Thanks guys,

I'm hoping people are going to see it as collectable, either that or I'm going to have a kitchen full of them. On a more DIY note though, it would have been good if we could have got the pack done all in one place. As it turns out I had to get stuff done at three different printers to keep the costs down.

All part of the fun though...


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Honestly. You guys!

That looks beautiful and I agree with Gregor, for external appearance, as good - if not better - than most of the stuff thats churned out in the mainstream channels for less cost.

Thats just plopped itself onto my Christmas list.


Take the King's shilling at


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Now that looks absolutely gorgeous, and has jumped onto my "I want it. Shiny! List"

Lovely. Would I dare use it to play though?...

Dom Mooney

You mentioned you used three

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You mentioned you used three separate printers - was that for cost reasons or simply because no one printer could do all three?

Yeah, I went to Fidlar for

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Yeah, I went to Fidlar for the books, but their price for the slip covers was a bit too expensive, with an added setup fee. So I managed to find a printer in England that would do full colour soft lamination on a decent weight paper really cheaply, so I worked out the hardcover and emailed off the design. To be honest it was a bit of a risk as it's a printer that none of us have used before, but the quality turned out to be excellent, so I'm more than happy.

The postcards were done at Vistaprint, also due to price. Fidlar could have done the whole thing including the postcards, but because it's such a small run it wouldn't have been cost effective.



That's awesome. I'm gonna

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That's awesome. I'm gonna buy it right now.

I'm definitely interested in how much it cost to produce and how you went about it though. I'd love to print my game this way sometime in the future.

Placed my order. Can't wait

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Placed my order. Can't wait to get it.

What's the quality like on the postcards? I'm looking to print my artwork on some.